A black emblem.

Almost as common as a pair of trainers or a pair of jeans; today, the black leather jacket is reigning in all the streets around the world, and it will do it forever and ever. Since its origins in the World War I dressing the military staff, going through bomber pilots and members of the SS during the World War II and getting into the American policemen uniform during the 50’s, this is a must-have you cannot miss.

As you will have in your mind, just the material of the leather is an emblem of toughness and masculinity. During the 60’s if you were a Moto biker, your outfit would be always made by a pair of jeans (Levis), white scarf and of course, a black leather jacket as a symbol of rallies rider, violence and hard drinking. As example, see the figures of Marlon Brando o James Dean. I’m sure you were wondering when was the moment in which women decided to start wear it. It was here. Girls who dared to join the biker guys, went for unisex leathers too.

After this fact, one of the most relevant designers in fashion and arts field, Yves Saint Laurent was the first who dared to put a black leather jacket on the catwalks. Later on, it was a start up for its fashion life. Britain’s rockers, Greasers, punks, Heavy-metal fans… all of them wore versions of the leather jacket.

It wasn’t that long when other designers as Versace or Chanel put their own leather products on the catwalk on the 80’s and straight away, the street became a black leather wave served with Levi’s jeans and Dr. Martens Boots.

Nowadays, you will be able to wear it with everything you wish. Heels, jeans, fancy logo t-shirt, night dress… Black leather will give to your outfit a casual touch you always need.

Enjoy your Wednesday.








Claire Barrow painted leather The Sartorialist


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