3, 2, 1… RUN!

To be honest with you, I was begging this trend for a long, long time. And here it is!! The need to dancing hours and hours without pain in your feet, walking unfear to fall in a slot Street… Now, is possible. Running trainers are here to support us. A lot of celebrities and famous people are already wearing them and I am totally sure, they should be in the heaven.

Several years ago, it was unimaginable that the sport style takes such an importance in the day by day. Today, we realise that, starting around the biggest capitals, the people is moving their bodies working out and they are bringing this trend to the fashion universe. We can see as examples, the joggings, the hoodies or the logo tees.

 Two brands are the genuine coming strongly: Nike and New Balance. They are putting in a part to Converse to take the street by themselves.  Let’s give them the very welcome to our lifes and go running to get yours! Here I show you some examples of outfits you can inspire yourself.


This season it’s all about flats and we love these trainers. For instance, check out these one from Zara (a part of the wordless collection Summer2013 they count on), vivid colours flat shoes are back in! These trainers will jazz up any street style outfit as well as a simple skirt or some East London skinnies.




Enjoy your Sunday.


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