JUST ONE NAME: Lianne La Havas

No, I don’t get any money because of writing this post. Simply. She deserves it.

Since the first time I opened a YouTube link named “Is your love big enough?” I started loving this 23-year-old from south London.

This has been a great year for her as she tells to the journalist Lena de Casparis during a photo-shoot related with the cover of Company magazine this February number. She has been compared with big voices as Lauren Hill or Alicia Keys; but at the same time, her charm involves all her fans with a very different and never-seen ritmes.

A part of the musical field, she also is launching in fashion root. As well as one year ago, the creative director behind Moschino contacted her and she played at the show. She affirms “I’d never done Fashion Week before but now I’m hooked”. She considers herself an obsessed with vintage and beyond Retro; and overall, (here it’s the boom!) she’s designing her own collection. We hope that her brand has the same style than her songs.

She has loads to do next: more fashion stuff, some acting… and we just need to wait. Guys, I opened the La Havas’ can for you. Just follow her and you’ll be surprised for this sweet and young star.

Finally, in order to start doing it, you can join one of her soon gigs on 11th March in London. All the details in:



Enjoy your Thursday.


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