From Paris with love.

Navy basic knit, black dress, stripy sleeveless t-shirt or a simple beige trench are few of the most characteristic main lines that a “Parisian” should wear. Ines de la Fressange tells us her point of view about a real stylish Parisian woman. This book is really easy and enjoyable to read and you will find a lot of tips to be in fashion in every single situation; by instance, a high class party, the first lunch with your parents in law, a nice weekend in the campaign, a quick plane flight and many more.

Therefore, during the second part of the book De la Fressange makes a tour around Paris passing through the most Parisian boutiques and shops that you can find your best outfits. So that, forget about Dior, Chanel or Hermès. We all know these emblematic brands of the savoir-faire are taking part of the asset Parisian fashion though. But the writer wants to go further than this deluxe route. We can afford it, girls!

How to dress up the nest of the Parisian, the most hidden and chic places where she may get lost in Paris, the trendiest restaurant and coffee-shops, the most glamorous hotels and a lot more in the guide that definitely you cannot miss in your library.

We need to clarify one thing. “The effortless style is the key to be a stylish Parisian. This advice means much more than some clothing rules to be followed. Which is the only condition? Be confident in yourself and smile, because all life is better smiling”. (Ines de la Fressange)

PS. Thanks to Emma, to share her great french sense with me. I know you are one of them, petit chèrie 🙂




Enjoy your Monday.


2 thoughts on “From Paris with love.

  1. “Elegance is different than chic; elegance has to do with money, with leisure time, with upbringing, and education. The chic woman looks natural, not dressed up. Chic is not a matter of money. Chic means that, from head to toe, there is a sense of proportion.”

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