Dear boyfriend.

Yes, literally, you are in trend if you wear your BF clothes… This style is any style of women’s clothing that was modified from a corresponding men’s garment. I am talking about one pair of jeans you found in the last place inside your wardrobe because your BF refused to wear it just because it’s a bit ripped. Yes, this is going to be your perfect outfit for your day.

The origin of this kind of fashion was born in 2009 when Katie Holmes was spotted in public wearing Tom Cruise’s jeans after a Broadway rehearsal. From there, a lot of brands began to create BF fashion products or men’s inspired items.

The BF jeans are not coming alone. There are many ways to wear a men’s outfit. Oversize blaziers, suit shirts, tees, watches… And also, I can say that there are two main ways to wear this look: making it oversize and rolling up the sleeves.

Now, you can  try it wearing a white basic tee, BF used jeans and an oversized blazier in any colours as navy blue, black or whatever. Why not to share the wardrobes?

Enjoy your Monday.




3 thoughts on “Dear boyfriend.

  1. sweety! i already love this blog, unfortunatley, my BF is too skinny and his jeans don’t fit me hahaha! i will try next look! besooooo

  2. In spanish please!!! jaja Que looks mas bonitos!!! El pantalos boyfriend con los stilettoa es una mezcla perfecta!! Sigue asi!!😘😘

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